August 17, 2006

I'm Getting Married!

So, I've given you the scoop on the engagement. I'm getting married!

We've set a date: October 13, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. We will be married (weather permitting, of course) on the lawn of Quidnessett Country club, with our guests facing the ocean.

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And yes, this is a photo of the actual place. No clue who these people are, though. ^_^ If it rains, we will be married on the deck of the building. Hopefully it'll be nice out, but if not, we'll be ok. The room for our reception is also really nice. I'm so excited to be able to see all of my family and friends all in one place!

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August 12, 2006

Absences continued....

You all hate me now. You know that you can't count on me to post faithfully. Old Faithful I am not. Lo siento. Mea culpa... mea ultima culpa.

So since January... I'll give you the recap and you can see for yourselves how insane my life has been in the past eight months. (Why does it seem like my hiatuses... erm... hiatii??? Anyway... they always last about eight months or so. Odd.)

*February 11 --> Nik breaks up with me. Lovely. Four years of my life down the tube. I'm left confused and wondering what it is that I did wrong.

*February 18 --> Nik comes back and asks for me to let him move back in with me. He tells me he wants to come clean, and admits to having slept with a girl he worked with some time in the middle of January. Oh, and he also once made out with one of my best friends when they were drunk the previous year. Hmmmmm. So - to take him back or not to take him back. There IS NO QUESTION. Duh. I told him sorry.... but no. Nonetheless, a hard time to go through.

*February - April --> I write and present my senior thesis topic, which was THE BOMB, I will say. I wrote about Harry Potter as the modern version of the classic hero, managing to fulfill the hero archetypes with flair and originality. Good times. 30 pages of quality work, my friends. And an awesome presentation to boot. Or so I'm told.

*April 21 --> Scott, (you may remember him from now-archived posts), an awesome friend of mine, comes with me to an Audiocentrix show in Warwick. I had been discussing the idea of a relationship with him, since I had always been fond of him, and he had been stubbornly refusing the idea of a relationship. (Read his take on all of this HERE.) This night changes his mind.

*April 22 --> A Saturday. I present my Thesis before the Salve English department and my peers in the English Literature and Eng. Communications majors. Scott comes, since he had promised months before that he would come to listen to me speak on Harry Potter - he being a fellow fan and all. He joins my mother (who came from NH) in the audience, and we go to lunch afterwards. Mom heads home. Scott stays in Tina's apartment and tells me of his decision to give it a shot between us. We've been together since.

*April - July --> Things progress quickly due to a close friendship prior to dating.

*July 9 --> Scott brings me on a weekend trip to Block Island and surprises me with a five-course, gourmet, candlelit dinner for two on the beach. Just before the dessert course arrives, he gets on one knee and asks me to marry him. I accept. (In between sobs of joy. ^_^)

*August 5 --> Scott and I drive to NH to see a breeder who has Pug puppies. I purchase Isabel. We are now a family of three. ^_^

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January 07, 2006

No Perfect Attendance For Me... Again

Hey everyone! My apologies about the delay... I've been back to working full time at the Credit Union while school is out for the winter break. Busy, busy me! Eventually I'll be back to posting... um.... sorta daily. Hee hee. Sometimes I miss those days when all I did was sit at home and blog. (But it's oh-so-much-better now that I'm making the dough... and not cookie dough like last year.)

So, I do still have much to talk about, but it's 8:20 and work starts at 8:30. Don't worry... the Credit Union is located right behind my backyard. ^_^ Have a lovely weekend!

December 27, 2005

Rest in Peace

It's been another week since I've posted. You guys must be getting sick of me. I guess I should wish you all a very belated Merry Christmas. I wish that this year I could have filled this space with the happy greetings and delighted posts that I was able to last year around this time. This year, however, was much different...

Three days before Christmas I received a call from my mother at 8:00 in the morning before work. She was crying, but she managed to tell me that a close friend from back home had died suddenly. Mike Blanchette was a dear friend whom I have known since the fifth grade. He was close to many of us, and he will be missed more than words can say.

So needless to say, this Christmas was the worst in my life. I wish that I had better things to pass on to you all. Please keep Mike's family and girlfriend in your prayers. It will not be easy to move on without him.

December 20, 2005

Wendy's - My Love/Hate Relationship

Turns out you all might get to hear about what I've been so secretive about much earlier than I originally thought. Big day is tomorow, the 21st. Let's leave it at that for now. Hopefully you'll have the news by the new year..... enough about that.

So we went to Wendy's tonight... yuuuummm-O. I love Wendy's burgers. I like fast food in general.... (sorry Bathroom Reading, who is a strictly kosher eater...) But as much as I love Wendy's, I hate eating inside. I feel like I'm back in kindergarten with those tiny-ass chairs and tables. Nik and I are both tall with very long legs, so when we sit at those things we feel like we're in each others' laps... (Which is nice if you're not busy trying to consume large amounts of fat and grease... but since we ARE trying to eat, it bugs me.)

Those trays are like the size of my little toe... I guess it makes it look like you've got more food, but our food hardly ever even fits on it.

Also, I noticed something in there that I knew, immediately, that I would have to let you all in on. (You know these moments in everyday life when you stop and say to yourself - I MUST BLOG ABOUT THIS LATER.) So I noticed that LITERALLY the last three times I've been to Wendy's (in different towns, mind you) one thing has occurred each time in all three places.

There are two ketchup dispensers. Two very large, ketchup-containing containers (heh).... and each time... I always try to get my ketchup out of the one to the right... and it's ALWAYS empty. When I go to the one on the left, it's always full and I am able to fill up at this station. Perhaps everyone attempts the right-hand side first. Strange..... also useless. But still interesting.

Congratulations... you've wasted another 45 seconds of your life reading meaningless crap..... my meaningless crap. :)

December 19, 2005

6 Days Till Christmas!?!?!?

I can't even believe that Christmas is almost here. Before we know it, the whole holiday season will be over and gone. This is my favorite time of year, as evidenced by my December 2004 archives. This year I've had less time for anticipation - classes ended later, and I'm working full time over my Christmas Break. (40 hours a week = equals sweeeeeeeet $$$$)

There are lots of possible new changes that could occur over the next couple of weeks - I am not at liberty to discuss, but be rest assured that as soon as (or if) anything happens, you all will be informed. Let's just say that the future is starting to unfold before my eyes, and I am thrilled. (P.S. - Let's make things clear... this is not in reference to a ring, which many friends have been inquiring about for like two years now... this is about something much, much different. Oh... and not a baby either. Yet. Hopefully.)

So now that you know what it ISN'T.... Hee hee. On that note, I have to get back to work. Gosh, I even spend my lunch break with you fools. Much love! ^_^